Saturday, 5 March 2011

St. Patrick's Day

After spending some time surfing blogs this morning, I was in the mood to create something for my front door. (I still had my Valentine's wreath up.)  So I grabbed a cheap old frame and painted the cardboard backing green. Then I cut out the vinyl with my Cricut and placed it on the newly painted backing.  I added a shamrock ribbon and hung it on my door.  Simple, yet I'm very pleased with it.

No Sew Tu-tus

You've probably seen these before, as they are so simple and so many have done them.  My girls have been asking for matching tu-tus and I finally got around to making them today.  I had some leftover tulle from a Halloween costume, so it was perfect. First you cut a length of elastic to fit your child's waist and then sew it together (or put a snap on it for 100% sewing free).  Then cut your desired length of tulle and tie it to the elastic. Do this all around and that is it. I added a ribbon for a little something extra. The girls loved them.