Thursday, 21 March 2013

Pinterest Party

I have a friend who is having a Pinterest party tomorrow. I am so excited to go and have been trying to figure out what I will make to take to it. I wanted to do something for springtime and finally settled on two wood projects. I made an Easter wood craft and a patriotic one as well. I think they turned out well. When I'm making something, I always worry it won't look good at the end. I have also noticed that a lot of crafts on Pinterest don't tell you how to make them, so I am including the dimensions for these crafts for any others who may want to make them and also for my own personal reference!
Fr the "He is Risen" one, I cut the first piece to 5", the second to 7", and the third to 9". I used the Monotype Cursiva font set at 3" for the letters.  For the patriotic one, I used the Snickles font, also at 3". For the wood, I cut two pieces at 4", one at 8", and the last at 9". I just used 2x4 wood for all of them.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Cupboard Glass

My husband suggested to use the image I used on our privacy glass by our front door on our cupboard glass. We have a corner cupboard that has a glass front.  I used my cricut to cut out the clear contact paper this time and that cut the prep time way down.  I just set my cricut blade to setting 2 and medium pressure.  It worked great!  It doesn't completely block out the view of the inside, but I think it looks good and does what we wanted. 
If you are interested in using the same stencil image, here it is.  You can make it bigger (like I did by my front door) or smaller (like I did here).