Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Past Furniture Projects

   A good friend of mine started buying a lot of antiques and fixing them up. I bought this little baby for just a few pounds and gave it a good painting (after treating it for wormwood).  I love it now!  It is a gateleg table so can potentially be used for extra seating at dinner if need be.  It has storage doors in the side so it is now housing extra DVD's that do not fit in my telephone booth. 

   This one I picked up at "the junk lady."  That isn't her name, but it is what we lovingly refer to her as.  She owns a secondhand shop. This is a desk which was a yucky brown wood color (think 1980's). I sanded it down and  painted it black.  I turned it into a crafting center. It has all the mail slots still in the top, so I put all my ribbon up there and then bottom hold fabric, glue gun, etc.  I added the flower by printing out images from my cricut. I used the transfer vinyl and then stenciled it one there.  It was bit too loud for me at first, so I toned it down with a light layer of black on top.  Now I'm liking the flower a bit more. 

Monday, 16 August 2010

Sleeping Beauty

One Halloween costume DONE!  My oldest daughter wanted to be Sleeping Beauty for Halloween this year. (My other daughter is going to be Belle. This is all due to the fact that we went on a Disney Cruise earlier this year.) I have to make costumes well in advance or they will not get done.  I think it turned out pretty well. There is glitter ALL over my house now, though! 

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


I made a quilt today! I've only made a couple before and this one is definitely better than the others. I'm not the greatest sewer, but I have gotten better in the past few years. I went for the "attic window" look on this quilt. I was inspired to make this because my son has a blanket that was made for him when he was born from the Bazoople friends fabric. He LOVES it. It is his blankie. I've washed it so many times, though, it is wearing down. I have fixed many holes on it! We were blog cruising one night and found his fabric in a quilt someone made. He lit up and said, "My blankie!" I knew then that I would be able to replace his with another similar one, so I went online and found the fabric. I made this one bigger than his older one, since he's 2 now and hopefully it will stay on the bed! I'm also going to make a smaller one so he can take it in the car. He loves to twist the yarn around with his fingers as he's falling asleep. So cute!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Picture Frame Fun

A friend wanted to personalize a going-away gift for another lady. She found this awesome picture frame and had me cut out their "slogan." It didn't take long and turned out really cute, I think. The next day I bought the same frame for myself. There are 20 spots for 4 x 6 pictures, so I'm going to put pictures in from both sides of our family and have one big family collage. I don't know what saying to put on mine though. Any suggestions? I'm looking for something to do with family, but unique also.

Craft Fair

Hubby was gone for an extended time and I was on a kick with baby wipes. I found a local craft fair to sign up for and got started. I made a ton of wipes, then did some vinyl lettering on tiles, and my daughter even helped me make some headbands and bows. I loved making them and a good friend spent the day sitting with me at the fair. Unfortunately, it was cold and really rainy so no one came. But it was a blast and I loved meeting a bunch of other crafty ladies. It got my creative juices flowing and I'm ready for more!