Friday, 26 October 2012

Bouncy Seat Cover

I found this bouncy seat at a garage sale for $2 a couple months ago.  It wasn't the prettiest to look at, but when I checked to see how much a newer, more neutral colored bouncy seat would cost, I decided I could just use some fabric I already had to make a cover for it.  I finished it in less than two hours, start to finish. I was surprised it went so fast!  I still need to spray paint the legs, but I wanted to share pictures and will add another later when the weather is nicer and I can get it painted.
Here is the fun before picture:
See, it had pretty "loud" colors.  I found this cute black with white polka dot fabric I had in my collection and started cutting up. I did reinforce the holes for the straps. That was the only thing that took any time.
I think it will be perfect with the legs painted black, but I'm pretty pleased with it so far!

Update:  Here is the final photo! I ended up painting the legs white.  That's what I wanted to do originally because I thought the black would be too dark. I only worried that it wouldn't cover the blue.  I found some primer+paint in a spray can, so that was perfect and covered the blue just fine.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Dresser Redo #2

Remember when I said I was going to have to redo my younger daughter's dresser as well, only with pink zebra stripes?  Well, I finally got around to doing it yesterday.  It went a lot quicker than the other dresser, because it was smaller and I didn't need to strip it.  I love the new primer + paint they have out now.  It sure makes painting a lot easier.
Here's a look at what it looked like before.  The handles were awful.  I like it much better now.  It's definitely brighter and more fun!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Privacy Glass

We have this weird window to the left of our front door that was clear as day and let in tons of light.  I felt like everyone in the neighborhood could look inside, though I'm sure it wasn't that bad.  This is what it looked like.
It's so bright here, right?  Well, hubby went to the store to see how much the privacy film stuff costs.  Well, it started at over $30!  I told him not to buy it because I had seen this awesome idea on Pinterest I wanted to try.  So I bought a roll of clear contact paper for $5 and started tracing and cutting out my pattern.  It took a few hours, but the end result was worth it. I love it! And when the sun shines in now, it leaves a cool pattern on the wall too!
I know it's at night but with the sun shining in, I just couldn't get a good picture to show you the pattern.  I do love it and it works great!

Dresser Redo

I finished this last month and just haven't posted it yet.  This used to be my old dresser.  My mom had given it to us last year and I hadn't had time to finish it before everything got packed up and put into storage. 
My daughter is using it now.  We decided to do the drawer fronts in a green zebra print. I just printed out some zebra print and freehanded it onto the drawers, just looking at the printout as a guide.  The great thing was that when we put the drawers all back in the dresser, the stripes actually match up and look like I planned it!  She loves it and I'm so glad it is done, looks good, and we have a solid, functional dresser.  (Now my other daughter wants me to do hers in pink zebra stripes!)