Monday, 15 November 2010

Button Wreaths

Another craft from Martha Stewart. Found in the kids section. My two-year-old could even make these!  You just cut some craft wire to about 9 inches and string on buttons.  Add some ribbon, and voila! a cute Christmas wreath ornament!  I have them hanging on my cabinet pulls in my kitchen right now and they look so festive. 

Easy Christmas Trees

We have been finding so many fun crafts on Martha Stewart's website. If you haven't ever perused it, I highly reccommend it!  Apparently these Christmas trees made out of magazines have been around for years, but I have never made them.  They were so easy and turned out really well.  Fun to do while watching tv, too! 
You fold down the corner of each page, fold it in again, then turn up the bottom.  It does take a while because you do every single page.  (There's a video on Martha's website if this is confusing.)
I then spray painted mine silver, added some spray adhesive, then dumped on the glitter.  I did a few in different sizes. I think they turned out really well.

Cloth Balls

So this is so easy.  Just get a styrofoam ball, cut fabric into about 2-3 inch squares, then shove them into the ball with a pencil.  Some people glue them in, but they seem to stick just fine shoved in good.  Then I string a pretty ribbon to it and hang.  I did this one pink and green for my girls room. I hung it in their window and they were so happy.  (Final picture will be posted later. Here are some during the process.)

Here's the final product!