Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Barefoot Baby Sandals

This morning I got an email for a deal on these cute little baby barefoot sandals. Since I have a baby, I was interested.
Aren't they adorable?  When I clicked on the link, though, and saw that for $6.25 plus $2 shipping, I could own one pair of sandals, I thought again.  I know, I know.  That's not a bad price, but I'm cheap, and I started looking closer. I mean, come on, it is just elastic and a flower. Then I remembered this pink elastic I had bought last summer that I didn't end up using. Hmmmm. The wheels started turning. I had learned how to make some cute flowers out of fabric, so I grabbed my supplies.  All it took was the elastic, fabric cut into a long strip, a button, and needle and thread. This is what they ended up like. I was very pleased. And because I had everything on hand, it didn't cost me a thing. In my rummaging, I also found some purple and green elastic, so I guarantee that I will be making more of these!

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